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During your child’s time at pre-school they will receive support from experienced staff and will become part of a group.


Key person

The staff member responsible for your child’s individual needs is known as the ‘key person’.

Your child’s key person will make time to find out about their interests, likes, dislikes and special requirements. They will also keep records of their progress and achievements, which are available for you to see and contribute towards.


During your child's stay

Our programme supports children to develop:


-   Moving and handling, health and self-care

-   Communication and language

-   Listening and attention, understanding, speaking, Literacy

-   Reading, writing and mathematics

-   Numbers, shape space and measure

-   Understanding the world

-   People and communities and technology

-   Expressive arts and design, media and materials

-   Being imaginative

Physical development...

The timetable may vary due to the needs of the children

Please note that your child does not need to be toilet trained to attend our Pre-School.

Any allergy and dietary needs will be taken into account at snack time.

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